Permission acquired for the Royal Horticultural Society for a new lake designed for biodiversity and to provide a sustainable new water supply for the gardens

Aspect Ecology has been pleased to work with and advise the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) with respect to numerous planning applications over the last five years. This has included an exciting range of project work at their flagship site Wisely Gardens, including the major redevelopment of the front of house services, the creation of the new ‘Hilltop’ area with extensive wildlife garden, and the renovation of the ‘Historic Lab Building’ which required carefully designed and sensitively implemented licensed works to ensure the continued use of the building by a maternity colony of Pipistrelle bats.

Most recently, Aspect Ecology has assisted with acquiring permission for the creation of a new lake within the south of RHS Wisley, the purpose of which is to capture rainwater and contribute to the irrigation of the gardens. As the UK’s leading gardening charity, the RHS holds a unique position to empower the general public to make a meaningful contribution towards climate change targets. The lake forms part of a sustainable drainage system and serves to demonstrate how drought and flood resilience in a changing climate can be designed into gardens while reducing the need for water taken from the environment. Not only will the new lake deliver environmental benefits, but the lake has been designed to deliver significant ecological benefits, with a range of shallow margins and extensive aquatic planting delivered for the benefit of invertebrates, amphibians, small mammals and birds.

It is exciting to see new developments successfully promoting both gains in biodiversity and resilience to climate change. This is certainly a well-deserved planning permission for the RHS and we look forward to seeing the final build, and working together on future projects.

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