The government launches its Clean Air Strategy 2019

A new Clean Air Strategy has been launched by government which can be found here. It sets out that:

This strategy is a key part of delivering our 25 Year Environment Plan. Air pollution has direct impacts on the natural environment, contributing to climate change, reducing crop yields and polluting oceans. Cleaner air will directly benefit animals and habitats as well as creating a better environment for everyone to live, work and thrive in.

Chapter 3 is dedicated to protecting the environment and includes a target for the reduction of damaging deposition of reactive forms of nitrogen by 17{db9673276223f4231b43bc4abdf103a34c48801c3c8505bc16ad0ca94075a52e} over England’s protected priority sensitive habitats by 2030 alongside a  review what longer term targets should be.

In addition, there is a commitment to  monitor the impacts of air pollution on natural habitats and to report annually so that progress can be charted towards a reduction in harm to the environment from air pollution.