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Land East of Burghfield Common

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Client: Gladman Development Ltd


Proposed Residential Development

Land East of Burghfield Common

Client: Gladman Developments Ltd

Aspect Landscape Planning were instructed to prepare the Design and Access Statement, Landscape Visual Impact Assessment and also involved in the Masterplanning for a proposed residential development for up to 70 dwellings at Burghfield Common. The site is located south of Mans Hill on the eastern edge of Burghfield Common and currently comprises of a large agricultural field. 

The site is surrounded by a network of existing woodland blocks and field boundaries ensuring that the site is visually separate from the wider countryside setting to the east. The proposed green infrastructure aims to ensure that built elements can be successfully integrated within the landscape setting, and ensure that the proposals provide an appropriate transition between the proposed development and the wider countryside.

The proposed development seeks to promote a sensitive and considered development, which relates to the existing urban grain and character of Burghfield Common. Consideration has been given to the scale and layout of the proposals, with the proposed landscape structure and provision of open space seeking to promote a strong green infrastructure.

It is considered that the application site and receiving environment have the capacity to accommodate the proposals. The proposals will not result in significant harm to the landscape character or visual environment.

It has also been demonstrated that the development can be accommodated without significant adverse effect upon the character of the Mans Hill streetscene and the setting of the Grade II listed Culverlands Estate. As such, it is considered that the proposed development can be successfully integrated in this location. It is supportable from a landscape and visual perspective, and meets the landscape requirements of both national and local planning policy.

Issues: Landscape visual impact, Landscape character, Close Proximity to Heritage Site.