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Langer Lane, Harby Solar Farm

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Client: Kappa Solar Ltd


Project: Proposed 10MW Ground Mounted Solar Farm Development

Langer Lane, Harby

Client: Kappa Solar Ltd

Aspect Landscape Planning Ltd prepared a Landscape and Visual Assessment (LVA) for a proposed solar photovoltaic farm development at land adjacent to Langer Lane, Harby. The site is currently under arable use and cover approximately 19.2 hectares. The site is located within an area of strong field boundaries and an established vegetation framework and as a consequence direct views to the application site from surrounding built up areas are generally not available.

It is considered that the proposals will not materially affect the landscape character of the receiving environment, and whilst it is acknowledged that the proposed development will change the current land use of the site, the proposals will not affect the field structure, topography or vegetation cover that form key characteristic components of the landscape setting of the site.

A Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) model was prepared as part of the LVA, incorporating a 10km study. This illustrates the theoretical extent of visibility of the proposed solar PV panels and will then inform a number of proposed viewpoints to demonstrate the visibility of the site within the localised and wider setting. 

Issues: Landscape and visual impact